Windscreen Information

Laminated Windscreen
  • By law, all modern vehicles are fitted with laminated glass  

  • The windscreen for a vehicle is structural, so must be replaced correctly to ensure occupant safety 

  • By law all glass fitted to any vehicle must meet all safety glass regulations 

  • On average it may take 30mins to 1hrs to fit a windscreen correctly depending on the vehicle.

Chip Repair_edited.jpg

Repairing a windscreen before replacemant is always preferred, as it will save time and money. There are different types of breaks in the glass that can be repaired before replacement is needed. Please contact us to see if your glass can be repaired. * All repairs must be completed under the standard AS/NZ 2366.1:1999*

Extra attachments  on your windscreen 

Some newer/more modern cars can have special features attached to the windscreen. These can include rain sensors, cameras(ADAS) and other types of sensors. Please let us know if you are aware of any attachments you may have, as this can increase the time required to get your vehicle safely back on the road. Please contact for help.

Repair Information

24hr callout service


If you have had your car sideglass broken or windscreen is badly damaged we offer a 24hr callout service. There is a fee for this service and travel costs depending on your area.

Please contact